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Expense Buddy is one of the most elegant expense and budget trackers available. This buddy is here to assist you with an interactive, personalized chart that shows all history and one-touch expense logging. All of which makes your expenses tracking and budgeting effortless than ever.

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Informative chart

All your spending history in one place, easy for browsing

Easy budgeting

Easily keep track of your budgets, never overspend a single penny

Home widgets

Your spending habit at a glance right on your home screen

Designed and built for iOS

Powerful Widgets

Your spending habit at a glance right on your home screen

Dark Mode

Whether it is day or night, dark mode is always there for you


Your data is always yours, never be collected

Gesture Navigation

Comfortably and effortlessly navigate through the app

Any currency

No matter where you live, we support your currency

Import & Export

Easily transfer your data to new devices

App icons

Personalize your app with a coat of paint for app icons

Recurring Expense

Explore the simplicity and cleanliness look


Eliminate the repetitive tasks with recurring expenses

Helped 130+ users track expenses

What our users say about us:
Can’t beat it
It’s seriously the best expense tracker. Every other app I’ve tried just does so many things so wrong. This gets *everything* right!
– by Kinpil
Best Expense Tracker
I tried many other expense tracker but nothing fits. I found that this app is what I was looking for. Nice and simple UI, also very intuitive. There’s no confusing buttons, or features. It is just a simple expense tracker with budgets that’s just work.
– by agallio
Open everyday
Simply amazing. Super fast to enter new entries and the UI is beautiful. This app keeps me accountable for my spending. Excellent work!
– by tonyatapple
Great app!
Really easy to use and customizable. The design is very pleasing. And the haptics are nice. 👌🏼 I also like the fact that there’s support for budgets, but it’s not the main focus and you’re not forced to use it.
– by michdavidadams
Convenience and worthy
It’s easy to use and get familiar with. I love it for its simple and smooth. All you need to have take your payment note is here, this app.
– by Monthly7
Personal data safety.
The best thing about this app is that I don't need to worry about personal data breaches, especially when it comes to sensitive information like my financial status (Apple confirmed). Been using it for about a month now. Very easy to navigate. I don't even need to spend time to learn how to use it
– by Bao-Khanh Ha

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